Serviced Apartments are a great alternative to Hotels for contractors or service workers looking for somewhere to stay. You, however, may be asking just why they are the better options? To help out, we at Hull Trade Digs have complied a simple list that explains why.

All Inclusive Rates

A serviced apartment can usually offer an all inclusive rates that are cheaper than a comparative hotel. This is because the owner of the service apartment does not need to provide things like an on-site restaurant, daily laundry facilities amongst others – meaning the price can be reduced. However, this isn’t a big a problem as it sounds – A Serviced Apartments will still have all the amenities you need for an enjoyable stay such as clean linen, free internet and a TV. Also, unlike hotels which is usually one person per room, an apartment can often be shared between two or three or people, further reducing the costs.

Larger and More Pleasant Living Space

Most Hotel rooms that a contractor might reasonably be allowed to claim back on expenses are likely to be of the low cost variety. Low cost hotels rooms, while perfectly functional are often quite small and sterile in nature. A quality serviced apartment will have multiple rooms, a full sized kitchen and will have had some love in making it look homely.

It will quickly become a home away from home in a way hotel can’t really match.

Better Flexibility

While you might argue over a short period of time, say a couple of days, the difference between a serviced apartment and hotel is almost minimal and may even lean towards a hotel. However after about two weeks have passed, you will really appreciate the flexibility of having your own apartment – you can cook what you like (especially if the menu at the hotel is becoming a bit dull), do your own laundry and live at your own pace.